“Barisan Kita”

“Inilah barisan kita, yang ikhlas berjuang….”

We are under attack (Actually, a small part of Sabah is under siege, but WE,  patriotic Malaysians will always feel that WE  (WE, the People, WE the Nation, WE the Rakyat, because we love our homeland, our Ibu Pertiwi) are under attack.


This is a time that will show us how we really feel about our country, Malaysia. For the first time in THIS generation’s existence will it know, truly know, the Spirit of Malaysia…

Yes, Malaysia has a spirit.

It is not the spirit of the Chinese, or the Malay, or the Indian, or Kadazan, or Bidayuh or Duzun or any of the myriads of people that call this land home. It is a MALAYSIAN spirit.

The spirit that calls from the deep jungles of the land, from the earth of the land, from the clouds of the sky, from the land below the wind, from the voices of the people, from the sacrifice of our fallen heroes, past and present, and most importantly, from the very Soul of its beautiful and proud and strong people — Malaysians.

“Kami Anak Malaysia!”

More than ever, that phrase should bestir us, and wake us to that spirit that resides in all Malaysians, that this land, this Nation, this Malaysia is our home, and if you attack us, we will go after you.

With all we’ve got.

Count on it.

“Kami Anak Malaysia!”

We have used this slogan in song, in sport, in advertisements, etc.

Now, let us use — rightly — in our hearts.

No longer can it remain just a slogan. Let it resound as the battle-cry of our spirits and the candle of our souls.

“Kami Anak Malaysia, dan inilah barisan kita”


I first heard the song “Barisan Kita” when I was a boy (maybe seven, am now forty-seven, ahem…cough-cough…) and I was fascinated.

I loved the lyrics and the music. It moved and stirred me. I quickly endeavoured to learn the song and did. Whenever it played on TV, I just couldn’t get enough of it.

Then somehow, they took it off the air — for a long, long time. But I still loved the song.

The next time I encountered it was when Selangor (or more specifically, the Majlis Sukan Negeri Selangor) adapted it for use in its SUKMA campaigns, when i was Headcoach of its highly-successful Taekwondo programe, and all of us — the whole contingent — sang it with gusto! We loved it!

We began to feel “something” for the state. And the state anthem began to mean something to us — personally.

Just as the national anthem “Negara Ku” began to really mean something to me — personally — when I heard it played during medal presentation ceremonies at internatonal events, whether Ion TV or on site.

It meant so much to me to hear the anthem played and the Malaysian flag raised. It still does.

Sometimes, when I hear “Negara KU’ played or sang with feeling, it bings tears to my eyes. Because it means something to me.

Does it mean something to you?

It should…because you are Malaysian. You’re “Anak Malaysia” and if you feel nothing for the homeland, then I suggest you need to go off somewhere for some quiet time and do some reflection on your position and your stand.

It is not about politics.

It’s about patriotism. It’s about MALAYSIA.


“Kami Anak Malaysia, dan inilah Barisan Kita”

Come after us, and we WILL come after you.

With ALL we’ve got.

Count on it!

~~ Kenneth anak Malaysia ~~

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